. Love Simple Green: May 2011

Monday, May 30, 2011

Ada Apa Di Kota Kita At JCC Event

This is my office booth! Yeay, we called the website is www.dikotakita.com. Officialy, this is my first event. Really fun! Because i meet a lot of people, i have a new friends, i can laugh and stress together! :)

And this is our photo booth. Last day, there was a little blonde girl came to me. She was really cute! So nice. Yeay, now i can feel, time really flies fast if we have so much fun. I fun, even is so tired. Really tired. Because, i have many things to do. But, some of things already done! Yeay!!

have a good time  :) Thanks God! 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

My 23th Years

Three days ago, at 25th May, was my birthday. Yeay, im getting 23th this year. Really close with a adult things. Now, i really understand, why people don't wanna grow up. Its sucks! When you got a cake, and blow up a candle, then you will realize, this is a born day it means, you getting old!

Anyway, i really suprises in this year. Coz, i got 2 cake, first from my office at TIA and second from SEPM 9. There are my new family in this year! Feeling lucky. :) 

Thank you so much for the cake! Hope this year, i will found someone and then...  :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

My First Sharing At Christian Magazine

Yeay! This is my first articel at Christian Magazine called Smile. I wrote about love, especially about soulmate. Of course, in Bahasa, because this is Christian Indonesian Magazine. Really excited! 
Yeay! My little dream is come true, again!That's why we must always dreaming.
So much fun! Even just for a comunitty magazine. :)
Thank you GOD! :)

Don't stop believing! Who knows someday my another article will be in general magazine such as women magazine! :) Just keep trying and keep believing! 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Morning Sunday

Morning Sunday! Today, i want to review  three looks that i really love. Yeay, i think they used this in a winter. Because Indonesia just have two season, so, i can't wear a winter clothes. But thats my dream. Someday, i will wear a winter clothes in Europe! Yeay! My dream. Okay, let's get started.

1. This is meg, from bow ties are cool with a red dress and she use a thights, and with a black sweater. Really simple. Yeay, i like a simple things like this :)

2. This is Teekah my another favorite blogger you can open this :selective pontential really simple rights? i like the black shoes, it's great. :) 

3. This is Maddy from Portland. You can open this Maddinka . Because it's green and this is simple. Look, i really love the skirts! :) That's Zara skirt and  H&M top. 

Yeay, this is the end of the review today. Pray for me, so as soon as possible i can have my own look. But before that, i will review some looks that i really inspired :)

Happy sunday ! :) 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My First Day at " Love Simple Green"

Wohhoo!! Yeay! This is my first post in my new blog! I will write in english on this blog. And of course, i will put my picture in this blog. Before that, i must buy a camera first. Please pray for me, so i can have a camera. And take a picture. Maybe i will show you my first picture. I took from my sister mac book ( Apple! Thanks sis :) And please don't judge me if my photo doesn't really good. I got inspired this from all fashion bloggers. Yes, i love read a fashion blogger such as like a selective potential (teekah)  , she is from Portland, green grass black clouds  ,she is from Portugal and my favorite is bow tie are cool  her name is Meg. Why i like her? because she is always take a picture with a skirt which is my favorite style.

Okay this is my first look. I'm so nervous to show you. 

Then, i will show you my dream. Yeay, this is a skech of a clothes. Really great right? I still learn how to draw like this. I'm dreaming to be a designer someday. I will show you my skecth. But not today. I will finishing first, then make a colour in my sketch. I got this when i googling a sketch picture

I love a flat shoes so much. I'm a little girl, who love flat shoes but still like a high heels. Look this shoes, o i really wants this shoes. I have 5 pair of flat shoes. And i have a green flat shoes to! Someday i will show you.

Okay, that's me. Hope you will enjoy my blog. Sorry, if my grammar is not really cool :) And i will learn how to design this blog become a nice blog. We see. :) And maybe you will see, many green in here, because  i really love green. Yeay! Thank you! :)