. Love Simple Green: November 2013

Sunday, November 24, 2013

I'm in The Good Mood



Shoes: UP
Skirt: Online
Shirt: Forever 21
Bag: Unbranded

Today is Sunday. And i'm in the good mood to wore a flower. I think flower pattern always boost my mood. I feel happy to wearing flower. So, no wonder i have a lot of flower dress, skirt and shoes. Love it! My next collection to buy is Flower Bag. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Keep Calm When You Alone..

In this photo, i didn't have a perfect day.
Lucky me, i had a perfect me time.
That was my first time that i'm alone in the hotel.
That was my first that i went to Surabaya.
That was my first trip that i went alone.
Am i scared?
Of course, i did! 
But the good point, i did one step ahead to found myself.
To be brave and to look the others part of world.
What next? Suprise me, life!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Season In The Rain

It's raining day! Yes, almost on all of the day. But, the good points is i can wearing my maxi dress. I bought this dress a year ago. The condition still perfect. Well, i think this is worth to buy. And my shoes? One of my favorite!

I spend my day in my room. Just for sleep and watching S.H.I.E.L.D. This series kind a similar with Heroes. But technically, this is different and more better than Heroes. Still, my favorite heroes movie is XMEN from Marvels. I think even the all of heroes story have a same plot, but Marvels is jenius. They know how to make a conflict even is quite same with the others. The political in their story is like a true events. So, maybe that's the thing why i like this series. So, how about your Sunday? Is it great time? 

Shoes : UP
Dress: ubranded
Jackets : N.Y.L.A

Friday, November 15, 2013

Pretty please..

When green will inspire you.
When green will give you a calm.
When green say in the middle of silence.
When green just being green.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Old Dress, Little Mix

Being old doesn't mean time will stop in there. It same with my old outfits. Here is what i think. I have this dress for almost 3 years. Okay, maybe that's not really old. But i like to wear it again and again. For some girls, using the same outfit in another day, is like a bad thing. For me, if i buy a dress, i must wear it again and again. 

It make me feel hard to throw out my dress, except those dress have a bad condition. Anyway, how do you think about my dress today? Is it good? I try a little mix with this dress. Blue jeans and Batik wedges from UP are make my outfit feel happy. Am i right?

Shoes: I Wear Up
Bag: Handmade from my friend
Dress: My Friend Online Shop

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Food, Friend, Holiday

Food, Friend and Holiday! Perfect combination! Last week, i went to Surabaya for my friend wedding. It was fun and excited. Why? Because that was my first time to went by myself to the other city. It was really scared for the first, but i think i really enjoy it. I met my old friend and a new friend in there. I tried the traditional food. 

 From "Bubur Sumsum" until "Kupang Lontong." What is that? Here is the picture of those food.


This one called Bubur Manggul. They made this from, hmm, what it called, i'm not the best for this. Maybe you can look in here.

This is the place where they sell the food. You can found it in Pasar Atom. It's like a traditional market. Not only traditional food that you can find in here, but also you can buy a gold and a clothes. Nah, you can find anything in here.



This one called Kupang Lontong and Karang Asem. Kupang lontong made from a little scallop and petis ( that's like a traditional flavor)

I'm forgot about this one. But the noodles is really spicy!

indonesia food

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Surabaya Wedding Culture


 Here is my high school friend wedding. They got married in Surabaya, Indonesia. And i think, this is my first time went to wedding outside Jakarta. Yes, my first adventure went to Surabaya. I felt great. The wedding was wonderful. From the decoration until the program, is brand new for me. I never attend a wedding like this before. Anyway, congratulations Lili & Lucky!

This is what i wore to the wedding:

black dress