. Love Simple Green: February 2014

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Don't Judge My Style! Just Enjoy It!

playing around

The time when i took this photo, well, i loved it!
Yes, take a photo like this is one of my favorite activity ever.
You can jump, when nobody watch you.
You can dance, even there is no music.
You can smile without need a worries .
The best part is when i combined all of this into a one video and shared to the world.
Enjoy my free moment in here! :)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

I'm Jumping In The Air


Dress : Zalora, Wedges : UP, Bag : Unbranded

One of my favorite day.
The day that i can jump.
The day that i make a decision.
The day that i can sit.
The day that i can work.
The day that i believe and i have a faith again
The day that i can see God inside me.
The day that i can have a silly thoughts.
The day that i tried to look again my past.
The day that i will move on and take a leap.
Because i want to find the true of love.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Working On The Weekend

This is what I got when I working in the Coffee Shop on the weekend : 

- No matter how hard your work, just try and do your best. Then, when you sit in the coffee shop, you will think like this, ” I almost get to my dream!”
- People come and go. Every minute, you will see a different people. Smile with them, because they are your inspiration.
- When you don’t know what to write, look the person in front of you or beside you. Just look and listen.
- Sit beside the window. Look the outside and the inside. Don’t afraid to let your mind get the ideas!
- If you alone, don’t feel alone. Play your music, and let your soul come into your world. Then, the ideas will be a good friends of you.
It's Fun! :)

Friday, February 14, 2014

I'm Jess Wanna be!


WedgesUP | dress : unbranded |

It was my first time trying a movie character style. I never plan to do that. It was my spontaneous thing (for style) in my life. When i took a photoshoot in my house, i thinking about Jess. Yes, i really love Zooey Deschanel style in Jess Character on New Girl. She is like a little girl and i like it.  ( i look like a "chinesse Jess" character)

Then, i sent my picture to #UpCompetition. Guess what? I WIN! Wow.. Thank you "I'm Jess wanna be!" I can say, this is my favorite teacher style. The shirt is from my old office friend, Kryza. She gave it to me before i resign from my first office. And the dress, one of my favorite dress ever.

Well, i still can't believethat i can do this. I got a little thing from this competition.
First, you must BELIEVE in YOURSELF!
Second, DON't BE SCARE to do something you never do before.
Third, JUST TRY!

Look my another remix from this dress in here.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Playing Around



Shoes : Up / Dress : H&M / Hat : unbranded / Shirt : Online Shop
I like playing with pattern. I got this dress in Chinesse New Year, from my aunt. And i fall in love with it! The pattern really cute. So, i try to remix with my flower shirt and my red hat (only one hat that i have). So, here i am! How do you think?

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Morning Rain

black dress



shoes : UPsweater : XSML, dress : Unbranded

A little rain in the Sunday morning.
A little cold in the air.
A big smile for the day.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Should Be Fine



This is not the end




I like to fly. 
Here is my favorite things when i'm in the sky.
Looking the beautiful blue sky.
Thinking about a dream life.
And not take an ending so fast.
So, someday i will back again.

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Mountain Side!

top in the mountain



Get warm from the earth



The most beautiful edge.



Wow, I can't believe it! I did it! Climbing the mountain is one of my dream. And i did it with a small mountain in Bali. Thank to my sister! How beautiful in there? Really pretty! I still remembered the green, the lake, and everything in my mind. It was my best experience ever on this early year. Anyway, it wasn't easy though. I almost gave up when i climbed the stone before the top of the mountain. Then, i looked some little boy, who already get there. Then I  talked to myself like this " I must go in there, no matter what!" So, with that mindset, i did it!

Maybe it was my first time, but i believe, someday i can climb another mountain. I have learning a lot of lesson when i did this.
First, don't give up!
Second, yes, to be a top, you must have some struggle that makes you more stronger than ever you thought. Third, If they can, so you can too. Don't stop to trying!
Fourth. Climbing a mountain is really like walking in your life journey. You must take some obstacle to reach your goal. That's okay, as long you don't stop and you believe with yourself!
Fifth. Let's GO OUT and GO WILD! Enjoy the time when you still can breath.

So, my tips if you want to climb a mountain, don't use a jeans! It will be heavy when it is raining. Then, you will lose your flexibelity on your feet. Use the comfortable pants. And i think, if you go to there, you will not really feel cold like i do. The weather in there is  around 17-18 degrees.

Checklist : Climbing a mountain : First mountain is Batur Mountain in Bali, 1717M. DONE!

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

From Morning Until Night

I can tell you, Bali is really beautiful! Maybe this is my second time went to here and now i kind a miss everything in Bali. Here are our tour in Bali.


Mengwi Tample

monkey forest

Monkey Forest in Alas Kedaton

kopi luwak

Kopi Luwak Maker

tanah lot

Beautiful Sunset in Tanah Lot

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